1a. Vol 1 Back CoverSpencer Bluff Buffalo
Steve Spencer pointing to Spencer’s Bluff on Buffalo River in Arkansas

What Kind of Person Would Write This Stuff?

Steve Spencer is a professor in the School of Kinesiology, Recreation and Sport at Western Kentucky University and the founder of the Outdoor Leadership Program at WKU, a 25+ year old program in experiential education. He is an instructor trainer with the American Canoe Association and a Leave No Trace Master Educator. He enjoys a wide variety of outdoor pursuits but is master of very few. He has been truly blessed and views his as a “lifetime of play” and the glass is always half full, rather than half empty.

Steve and his wife Debby Spencer reside in Bowling Green, KY. The Spencer’s have travelled and paddled throughout North America. With family roots in the Ozark Mountains, both hold degrees from the University of Arkansas (Go Hogs!), Mizzou, and Missouri State. Steve spent 12 years coaching football prior to completing his doctoral studies at Arkansas.

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